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Bulk Haulage

Bulk Haulage Lorry

Never find a Bulker when you need one?  Try Bartrums bulk haulage

Are you looking for Bulk Haulage for products destined for the Food Chain?

Bartrum Clean Bulk Haulage Division have been servicing this industry for years. Our modern fleet of 25 bulk tippers move over 500,000 tonne per annum for the brewery, food and beverage industry. The Bartrums Clean Bulk Haulage Division provides a national collection, delivery and storage service which can meet all of your food and feed needs.

Bulk Haulage

  • New and Reliable Modern Fleet.
  • Wash Out and Cleaning facilities.
  • Satellite tracking.

Bulk Storage

  • Traceability and accountability.
  • Security.
  • Products carried include.

Bulk Haulage for Grain and Corn – We collect our grains direct from the farm and tip it into stores and silos or direct into the processing plant or factory. Bulk Haulage for Malt & Barley – We have worked with the UKs leading maltsters and brewers to ensure that there ingredients remain intact to ensure the perfect pint. Bulk Haulage for Beet Pellets – We work with feed producers to ensure they get the bulk delivery of the key ingredients. Bulk Haulage for Oilseeds – The oil seeds we collect are of food grade and are destined for the food chain. Bulk Haulage for Pulses – The pulses we transport are used in sauces and salads and are delivered direct to the processing centre. Bulk Haulage for Sand and Stone – Collected direct from the quarry and delivered direct, depot or client, our modern fleet of 44 tonne tippers will drop it just when and where you want it. Bulk Haulage for pulp products – Pulp products we move can be used in feeds and foods of every kind. Bulk Haulage for wheat – Wheat is in most cereal based products that you find in your supermarket so that means we move a lot of it. Bulk Haulage for Feed products – Most feeds are blended with many ingredients from soya to seeds and most of the ingredients are moved in bulk.

We collect from

  • Farm to Store.
  • Farm to Factory.
  • Quarry to Site.

Exporting food stuffs, seeds and feeds takes a lot of loads and you need a company who can organized the fleet to ensure the delivery to the port is timely and efficient, time is money so you need to be sure if you are live loading that your haulier arrives on time, tips and leaves.

  • Collecting and consolidating goods from the field to the fork.
  • Delivering them into the warehouse, store or processing plant.
  • Our clients span many sectors and industries.


You can see from our timetable our agricultural activities are all year round, bringing in the harvest for cereal crops. But it doesn’t stop there our trucks maintain the supply chain come rain or shine our bulk stock movements to factories and processing centres continues right through the seasons.

January – March April – June July – September October – December
Biscuit Meal Malt Wheat Beet Pellets
Organic Soya Beet Pellets Biscuit Meal Wheat
Wheat Organic Soya Beet Pellets Biscuit Meal
Malt Biscuit Meal Malt Organic Soya
Beet Pellets Wheat Organic Soya Malt
Oilseed Rape
Rock Salt
Feed Beans

 Agricultural Bulk Storage

Warehouse - Bulk storageOur stores are all food grade, with humidity control and ambient temperature controlled environments. Had a bumper crop and can’t afford to sell it for the current market price? We can help you make the most from your yield, storage is often seen as an added expense in some industries but we understand that prices go down when supply is high, so we can help you hide it away until you can achieved a higher rate once the market returns. Warehouse Loading AreaOur food grade stores allow you to store by the crate, pallet or bag. Call us today or come and have a look at what we do – it may be well worth your while.

Aggregates Bulk Haulage

We help keep the construction industry topped up with shingle and stone. Careful selection of the types of aggregates we haul allows us to protect our vehicles integrity and service to our customers. Products Handled – Bulk Road Haulage Services for:

  • Food stuffs – loose or bulk.Bartrums Mercedes Actros 2545 - 2013
  • Feeds and Seeds.
  • Pulps and pluses.
  • Raw materials.
  • Stone and gravel.

We deliver into

  • Factories and processing plants.
  • Storage depots and silo’s.
  • Mills.
  • Farms.
  • UK ports and docks.

Our Fleet consists of

  • 25 x 44 tonne Bulk tippers.

Traceability Our years of experience enable you to have full traceability of all your products and movements. We understand the strict controls and legal requirements that surround your products we are in a better standing to meet your needs. Your products may be destined for the food chain or for final supply we will ensure you have the traceability to back it up. We can trace every load of the 500000 tonnes we move each year.

Trade organisations and associations

TASCCBartrums Bulk Haulage and Storage is a registered member of the TASCC. Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops was developed because farmers and end users wanted to be sure that crops of grain, oilseeds and pulses were treated responsibly once they left the farm. That includes wheat processed by flour millers and malting barley for the brewers and distillers in the drinks industry. It provides independent verification that the trade is meeting food safety laws. FIASBartrums Bulk Haulage and Storage is a registered member of the FIAS. Fertilizer Industry Assurance Scheme Launched in 2006 it was developed to assure fertiliser security and traceability in the industry supply chain. The UK government encouraged and supported this industry initiative as an alternative to further legislation. AIC manages the development and implementation of the scheme under the supervision of the FIAS Steering Group, which has representatives from government and industry stakeholders.


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